Their Bad Mother

This picture was taken this past spring, at the Blissdom conference in Nashville. It was taken by my good friend Anissa, who, in the middle of a chat we were having outside the hotel, just dropped to her knees and pointed her camera at Jasper and me and said, ‘this is just such a beautiful moment.’

Anissa’s in the hospital. She had a stroke, and it’s very, very serious, and my heart is sick with worry for her. I thought about posting a picture of her here, or a picture of she and I together, but when I was scrolling through my photos it was this picture, this moment, that jumped out at me, because when I look at it I can see her right there, on the other side of the frame, seeing me and Jasper and seizing the love. Just like her.

(Find out how you can send love and prayers and help to Anissa and her family by checking out the Aiming Low site. And maybe hug a friend today.)

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