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November 2009 Archives

One of my favorite people just wrote a book. And it’s an awesome book. It’s especially awesome because it’s about a subject that few of us – and I wave my hand unashamedly here – are willing to talk about […]

… if, that is, the angels have a thing for Chicago deep-dish pizza, kettle-corn, and the Red Sox. Which they totally should. (Aerial view of Chicago, looking towards lake. Shot with my iPhone, using ToyCamera application, from a late-afternoon Air […]

A few years ago, I had the amazing opportunity to chat with Gloria Steinem. Yes, that Gloria Steinem. We – she and I and some other bloggers – talked about the Internet and blogging and whether social media could change […]

She looks like what might happen if the Tin Man and the Scarecrow mated and produced a doll-decapitating serial killer, but appearances can be deceiving: she is a Jumbo Rainbow Craft Robot, and the decapitated baby head is Baby Sally, […]