Their Bad Mother

The story of Roman Polanski’s long-overdue extradition to the US to face the music for raping a child thirty-some years ago has been making me crazy, not least because at the same time as the world (rightly) wrings its hands and wags its fingers and voices its horror over evils committed by clergy within the Catholic Church, celebrities, artists and assorted literati bend over backwards, morally, to defend Roman Polanski, who did exactly the same thing.

As I’ve said elsewhere, this baffles and sickens me, as a mother, as a woman, as a human being. How could anyone, anywhere, think – let alone say, out loud – that the rape of a child is anything other than a terrible crime? And why is it that it takes a comedian on a late night talk show to challenge this patent absurdity?

Chris Rock gets it. Yo freaking Gabba Gabba gets it. Why isn’t this being proclaimed everywhere?

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