Their Bad Mother

soccer monster.jpgThat’s Emilia in her new soccer uniform. Emilia is now playing soccer, which, if I’m not mistaken, makes me a soccer mom.

No offense to soccer moms – some of my best friends are soccer moms – but I never thought that I’d actually be one. My kids, I always imagined, were going to be bookish, artsy types, reading Latin by the age of five and composing sonatas by nine. Soccer? I just never thought about soccer, except when I thought about soccer moms – latte-toting, yoga-pant-wearing, minivan-driving suburban alpha moms – and when I thought about soccer moms I always thought, that? Will never be me. If only because I a) intended to never wear yoga pants, and b) do not drive, never mind drive a minivan. Whether or not my children might want to play soccer never entered the equation.

Now, it seems, it has. And I’ve already got the yoga pants, so…

Guess I’d better learn how to drive.

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