Their Bad Mother

Emilia: “Mommy, Grandpa lives in Heaven now.”

Me: “I know.”

Emilia: “Does that mean that he’s an angel?”

Me: “Yes, sweetie, I think that it does.”

Emilia: “And do angels have wings?”

Me: “I think so.”

Emilia: “Does that mean that they’re fairies?”

Me: “Um… no. Fairies are different.”

Emilia: “But fairies have wings.”

Me: “Yes.”

Emilia: “And fairies are magic. Angels are magic, too.”

Me: “Well… not exactly.”

Emilia: “But they FLY. And flying is MAGIC.”

Me: “Well, in a way, but…”

Emilia: “And Tinkerbell has wings and flies and is magic.”

Me: “Yes, but…”

Emilia: “So Grandpa is like Tinkerbell.”

I think that I lost that round. So, I think, did Grandpa. Or not. I suppose it very much depends on his view of sparkly minidresses and glitter-wands.

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