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Life Is A Highway

posted by Catherine Connors

Yeah, so. This is going to sound crazy – I am going to sound crazy – but I’ve decided to drive across Canada. Well, not just me – I actually don’t drive, so this crazy lady is going to do […]

Go, In Peace

posted by Catherine Connors

My grandpa died this weekend. He was elderly, but still. It was unexpected. It was totally unexpected. I was going to see him next week. I was bringing his great-grandchildren to see him next week. We were going to see […]

The Day The Music Died

posted by Catherine Connors

Beat It was one of the very first albums that I owned. Oh, I had, of course, a collection of Disney Pops, and the soundtracks to Annie and Star Wars and the like, but Beat It was the first real […]

What A Difference Three Years Makes

posted by Catherine Connors

Emilia, June 2006. Be still, my heart. A Wordless Wednesday Jam, which henceforth is going to be Wordless This Wednesday In History Wednesdays. Because I am forgetting too much. Join me if you feel so inspired.

Jon & Kate & The Unbearable Lightness Of Looking Away

posted by Catherine Connors

I might be, I think, one of the very few people in the Western Hemisphere who is not, this very minute, watching Jon & Kate Plus Eight to hear Jon and Kate announce the dissolution of their marriage. Which is […]

Pater Cordis

posted by Catherine Connors

My Dad. Who was and is the first man in my life. Who has and will always have my heart. Who I love forever, and always. Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I love you.

Word To Your Mother

posted by Catherine Connors

Me to Jasper: Say Mommy! Jasper: Dad! Me: Say Mommy! Jasper: Dad! Me: Say Mom! Jasper: Dad! Me: Mom! Jasper: Dad! Me: Mom! Jasper: Dad! Me: Please say Mommy! Mom! Mom! Mom! Jasper: Dad Dad Dad Dad DAD! And so […]

Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dancer

posted by Catherine Connors

Emilia had her first dance recital this past weekend. There really are no words for how it feels to watch your daughter – your little girl! your baby! – walk away from you and then reappear on a brightly lit […]

Feel The Fear And Fear It Anyway

posted by Catherine Connors

I spent yesterday morning in a hospital waiting room. Two hours or so, waiting for a doctor to see Emilia, whose face and neck had swollen grotesquely in reaction to a bug bite. Was she allergic? Had the bug bit […]

Dear Kate Gosselin: Let Me Get Back To You On That Bad Mother Thing

posted by Catherine Connors

So I wrote a post the other day, continuing my ruminations on Kate Gosselin and why she is  so judged and why that’s a problem for me and for everyone, et cetera, but it was – as a few readers […]

Bad Grandmas, Bad Grandmas, Whatcha Gonna Do?

posted by Catherine Connors

I know that this is terribly, terribly wrong, but I totally laughed when I saw this: I mean, seriously. I know that it’s bad to talk back to police officers, I know that it’s bad to curse at police officers, […]

The Fast And The Furious: A Birth Story

posted by Catherine Connors

This post is part of the online celebration of Baby Week, hosted by Discovery TV. Because what better way to celebrate babies than to relive the terror miraculous experience of giving birth to them? It was the most awesome experience […]

If A Child Pees In The Forest, Does Anybody Care?

posted by Catherine Connors

Emilia has been toilet-trained since sometime last year. Which is awesome, because diaper and pull-up-pant changing are a drag. What is less awesome is the need to be constantly on the look-out for a bathroom because your small child can’t […]

In Which My Daughter Decides To Shun The Spotlight

posted by Catherine Connors

Uh-oh. Let’s do the math here: if my stock-in-trade is stories about and pictures of my kids, and one of those kids decides that she is JUST SO OVER having her picture taken, and we calculate that equation as x […]

Jon & Kate Plus The Rest Of Us

posted by Catherine Connors

Here’s the thing about parenting: it’s hard. Really. It’s hard. Oh, sure, it has its easy moments – and the reward is immeasurable – but end of the day it is a whole lot of hard work and it’s hard […]

Wordless Wednesday: Happiness Is A Swingset Built For Two

posted by Catherine Connors

(Because I needed some light in here after all the dark.) (Further reflections on Jon & Kate still pending. After a little more sunshine.)

Sticks & Stones May Break Bones, But Words… Can Raise A Shotgun?

posted by Catherine Connors

I can’t stop thinking about the murder of George Tiller. I can’t stop thinking about it because it is – as I said the other day – just so horrible. And I can’t stop thinking about it because I wonder, […]

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