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Coming soon to a blog near you!

So… This may mean absolutely nothing to many of you out there in the blogosphere, but Rebecca Eckler has a mommy blog. (FYI this post is not about Rebecca Eckler. There’s a segue coming. Bear with me.) (Oh, and if […]

1. Michelle Williams. Okay, so we all know about how Heidi Klum was strutting her Victoria’s Secret behind mere minutes after giving birth, but she’s not of this planet. Michelle Williams, on the other hand? Not from Planet Vicki’s, gave […]

Before Baby was born, I was more or less indifferent as to whether I would have a boy or a girl. The things that I was wishing for in a child – beyond good health – were pretty gender-neutral: keen […]

A random sampling of current events chez Baby… The Good News: 1) Mommy’s first foray back into her pre-mommy world was, despite the anticipatory angst, just fine. Felt GOOD, in fact. (The post-labour holes in the brain are not so […]

Today, I take my first hesitant steps back out into the non-mommy world. They are really little steps, because it’s only a few hours a week, and it’s very short-term. But still. I. Am. Stressed. I’m going to complete the […]