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(Emilia does not like princess dresses, but she’s game to play dress-up when asked nicely, and if she can the dress off immediately after the picture is taken. Next week we’ll be playing an epic game of dress-up as we […]

In which I explain why – and, more importantly, how – I am running 100 Miles For Tanner: “Just put on your running shoes and run.” It’s that easy. Except for Tanner, it’s not, and never will be. Which is […]

(What? That frilly get-up is so totally princely, if we’re thinking princes circa 1492. Totally.) (I’ve missed two days of training because of a terrible, sinus-and-eardrum-busting head cold. Tomorrow – fingers crossed – the fairy wings go back on and […]

I’ve made a few resolutions for this year. Most of them are pretty ordinary: get more sleep, eat better, watch less television, learn to bake cinnamon rolls. Some of them are little more ambitious. One – my resolution to fully […]