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Sometimes, in order for us to be reborn, we need to enter into difficult times; suffering, confusion, loss, fear. During this period, we feel forsaken by the ONE, we forget everything we knew: our tools, our faith, our drive. We […]

The quality of our life rests primarily on the decisions we make. The way that we make decisions is based on our mindset, our understanding of existing circumstances and either out of hope for progression or fear of deterioration. How […]

I have a yellow Orchid in my bedroom. This plant has gone through many phases, but it stopped flowering about two years ago. Within the past few months, I’ve noticed the stems drying up and big flat leaves at the […]

Relationships create intimacy and connection in our lives. They are important for our health and well being, sense of self and growth. With the growth of technology many of us are connecting more frequently and easily than ever before. At […]

I decided to end the week with a question: Are Your Thoughts Thinking You or Are You Thinking Your Thoughts? This question is full of power and autonomy because our thoughts have the capacity to create or to destroy matter. […]

After running a few errands this morning, I made my way home. As I approached my doorstep, I noticed an unusual array of belongings: a sleeping bag, a suitcase, a paper bag filled with newspapers and a pouch. Clearly someone […]

Once we have learned to transition from resistance to openness, we cultivate a much greater capacity for awareness. Awareness is not a mental “thing”, it isn’t really a thinking process or a rational or logical process in its totality. Reason […]

Why is it important for us to merge our inner reality with the outer, and what does it mean to do that? I pose this insightful question to encourage those that are on the spiritual path to expand their awareness […]

According to Freud, the personality is composed of 3 parts: The Id, Ego and the Superego. The Id is the pleasure principle. It is the part of ourselves that develops to meet our wants, needs and desires. The ego is […]

Quite often we are faced with changes and the transitional period between one experience and another can sometimes be very difficult as we deal with loss, grief and the breakdown of existing structures. It is natural that we become afraid, […]