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The quality of our life rests primarily on the decisions we make. The way that we make decisions is based on our mindset, our understanding of existing circumstances and either out of hope for progression or fear of deterioration. How we make decisions is the ultimate determinant as to whether we are merely existing or living life to its fullest.

Your “I AM” or rather the presence within you that is pure awareness, is completely unified with all things that complete you: peace, health, energy, love, joy, freedom etc. In your “I AM ness” your thoughts, words, behaviors and decisions are complete. This is the state of a complete embodiment of your soul, at which point nothing other than the pure beingness of your soul is able to determine the quality of your life. This means that everything you do, all your decisions are done and made with love, no matter the circumstances.

When we live our life by consciously doing all things with love, we are free. We are free because we are speaking the language of the universe which is love. When we speak the language of the universe, life is of service to you. Life is of service to you because you are a match to its frequency, which is pure love. The world is always for you, because your desires and the desires of the universe are ONE. You can not want something for yourself, if the universe does not want that thing for you either. This of course, presumes that your desires are in alignment with the good of all. If you driving a brand new Ferrari is a celebration of your achievements and increases your confidence and self-worth, through which you will become more outgoing and open – that’s in alignment with the universe. If you driving a brand new Ferrari is going to make you feel superior to others, that is not in alignment and you are not operating from a space of your “I AM ness”. Which is not to say that either scenario will or will not manifest a new Ferrari for you, it is to say that your experience of having or not having the Ferrari will be one of either pure love and happiness or one of separation and emptiness. No matter what we want, if we live a life of love, we will fulfill our desire and find lasting happiness in it, because we are living and making decisions form our “I AM ness”.

In some cases we feel like the universe has forsaken us. We pray for health, longer lives, and more money so that we can pay for our next meal, we desire being acquitted from painful and difficult experiences and totally feel let down when the universe switches gears on us and we experience death, separation, poverty, sickness and loss. We may lose faith in the Truth that we are full of love and happiness. We may forget our true nature. However, some of us will go through these experiences and treat them differently. We will look back on our suffering and realize it was a stepping stone for us to move forward. We realize that the universe’s nature is change, and that it has pushed us towards change out of love for us. We come back home to our source, to our knowingness that all is good and that all is “for us” and not against us.

I am discussing basic principles of the law of love and the law of oneness. However, my intention with this blog post today is to help my readers understand the incredible power of being in the moment. When we are in the moment, no matter what we are doing, we are consciously showing up in our lives. We are present to the sacred gift of life – just as it is. We create and allow space for gratitude and reverence. We open the gateway to love. In presence, when the ego checks out and your awareness checks in, you can always make a choice. Your choice can be based on old habits of rushing, focusing on the future, staying in your ego or your choice can be based on love. When you consciously choose love in the present moment your life transforms, quicker than in the blink of an eye. The universe becomes your servant, because the universe is now serving itself. Life is never against you, you have only ever been against yourself. So, my sweet readers, let yourselves choose love today. In whatever you are doing, saying and experiencing. Make it a practice to choose love in everything you do!

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