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The human contains a sensitive emotional space. In this space we become aware of our internal world interacting with the external world: who we think we are interplays with what we think the world is. In reality, it is a one sided relationship, and in sum, it really is all about you and nothing else. The deeper, more connected and more open you are to yourself and especially your so-called short-comings (the things you don’t find desirable about yourself), the less likely you are to get pulled into dramas, upset, depression, anger, frustration and any other turbulent emotions. Creating a deeply loving relationship with yourself is how you hold a sacred space for yourself and your relationship with the world, ultimately increasing the value of your experiences with all of life. You are able to create a loving relationship by becoming self aware and by connecting with the intention behind everything you do. This is how you gauge your vibrational frequency, or rather your level of consciousness through which you operate which can either be more dense, more light or neutral.

If our consciousness is denser, we have an active ego and pain body. This is the part of us that gets upset, confused, depressed or disconnected by other people’s behaviors towards us. When we experience troubling emotions and claim that they are the cause of someone’s ideas, actions, projections and values towards us, we activate the pain body. The pain body is the sum of your past traumas, insecurities, fears and ultimately a reflection of your self-worth and self-love. Sometimes we are in abusive relationships, where the intention of our partner, friend, relative or anyone is to harm us  in a violent manner, either verbally or physically. This is completely different from the subconscious pain body and needs to be addressed through a victim-perpetrator response, where professional help and safety is sought immediately. In turn, if our consciousness operates at a high enough frequency, meaning that we have already processed issues of attachment, self-worth, emotional healing etc, we are processing more light energy. This light energy is a literal lightness towards life, where we aren’t taking the behaviors of others so seriously, we find joy in most anything and are not attached to the opinions and ideas of the world. Ultimately, we are completely happy with who we are and open to the various gifts of outer “turbulence”. If your level of consciousness is neutral, this is pretty much the same as saying it is pure light. Neutrality is not so much an apathy, as it is an empathy. One can be empathetic when one does not hold grudges against others for their behaviors nor does one overly celebrate those that only make them feel great all the time. This is a path of complete oneness, where enough light energy has been processed that the human no longer needs to “control” any experience of life, but completely trusts their inner and outer experience. This human does not seek to make life exhilarating, nor does this human try to avoid pain.

When our intention is complete, meaning that it is not for the benefit of just you, but it is for the benefit of the whole, we come to terms with the transience of our sensitive emotional space. We realize that our desires, fears and needs are constantly shifting and that our only role is to experience them, to experience and witness all of life moving through us. We realize that all we are is an empty container, being fed more and more experiences to feel, assimilate and release. The only way we can experience a lasting and true happiness, is if we allow all things and beings to be just as they are, internally and externally. If we are not yet able to feel forgiveness, compassion, love and trust we must understand that this is not a shortcoming, but this is part of the beautiful path of the heart. All that really matters is that we are aware that we cannot feel these things yet. The awareness of this non-feeling gives rise to space, which then opens the process for you to see that in reality it is not true that you lack these qualities, as the human is complete, whole and perfect. However, this Truth doesn’t really matter unless we learn how to embody its perfection. So, what are practical ways for us to put this into play?

First and foremost, you must realize that you are absolutely perfect right as you are and where you’re at regardless of anyone’s opinion. You may challenge me and say, “Well, what about those that are abusive” and “How about those that are corrupt and cheating others”…how can they be perfect? The idea of this realization is grander than your attachment to how things should be. We come to the realization of accepting things as they are, so that we may move through them without resistance. Resistance creates blockages emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. When we are not open to all of life, we cannot find love, Truth, happiness, joy, faith, strength and perfection in ourselves and thus in the outer world. Second, we must put daily practices into place, so that we may realize over and over again, our perfection or we will always be prisoners of our inner and outer world. It is when you go beyond that, that you can be truly happy. A wonderful daily practice is to keep a journal. In this journal answer these questions daily:

* How am I wonderful?
* What makes me unique?
* How can I acknowledge my value?

Happy Loving!!!

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