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Sherry Gaba LCSW, Psychotherapist, Life & Recovery Coach is featured Celebrity Rehab on VH1. Sherry is the author of “The Law of Sobriety” which uses the law of attraction to recover from any addiction. Please download your copy of “Manifest […]

I would like to invite you to join Healing With The Masters, a life-empowering event fully committed to your individual growth and the growth and evolution of the planet and her inhabitants. It starts Sept 6 (and you can win […]

Texting has become a way of life for most people from adults through to the young teens that own a cell phone.  It is a simple and effective way to share information in very short, concise messages that saves the […]

People that have addictions of any type have a particular mindset when it comes to thinking about their behavior. This locked in type of thinking is very dramatically polarized and results in only two options in assessing any experience. Thought […]

Peace.  What does that mean to you?  Is it silence?  Is it a day off to spend however you want?  Maybe peace is just your morning latte?  Whatever your peace is – it is important to remember how to invoke […]

There have been many books, blogs, and articles written about emotional sobriety, however, the word sobriety often scares people off who are not in recovery from drugs or alcohol or some other type of addiction whether it is gambling, sex […]

I don’t know if I was just not watching the right channels yesterday but it appears that there was very little news on the airwaves about the results of Amy Winehouse’s toxicology reports on how she might have died.  It […]

Sometimes we get a craving for something sweet. We just want that sugar and we’ve got to have it. And sometimes we crave something salty. These kinds of cravings can be our body’s way of telling us what it needs: […]

As the seasons change, it naturally pushes us to think about making changes in our own lives. If you’re planning on making some positive changes this week, big or small, good for you. But I’m not sure this idea of […]

It seems none of us are exempt from the impact of the changing economy. Falling home values, increased prices at the grocery store, and the stratospheric price of college…kind of makes you want to run into an open field and […]