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This week was challenging for me to say the least.  Someone I love dearly entered rehab and my mom had a stroke and lost eye sight in one of her eyes.  These were the biggies.  The less challenging issues were I did my first teleseminar and into it about 5 minutes, the power went out in my area.  Then the next day, I was signed up for another teleseminar, and I was booted for a more popular author.  I was reminded again how powerless I am over others.  I also realize that not everyone who preaches to be “spiritual” act spiritually.    Then, as the saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens, I was invited to join  another teleseminar that I am truly honored to be participating in.  This teleseminar resonates with everything I believe in.  It compliments the message of my book, “The Law of Sobriety: Attracting Positive Energy for a Powerful Recovery” and I hope you will be able to join me.  The details of this very special event is below.  You will also receive a special bonus gift just for participating.      

I want
to personally invite you to join me for an extraordinary one-of-a-kind
FREE teleseminar series, beginning
Tuesday, October 19th.

In the wonderful world of
teleseminars, Quantum Healing, Consciousness and Soul
is unique. It’s true that this amazing lineup of expert speakers,
teachers and mentors will be helping you to tap into a vast wellspring
of powerful, life-changing information and cutting edge,
transformational tools for your body, health, relationships, finances
and more….But this series takes healing and transformation a giant
step farther… to help you reveal and align with the powerful core
healing energies of your soul.

Hosted by Shifra Hendrie,
spiritual life coach and teacher of authentic Kabbalah, Quantum
Healing, Consciousness and Soul
is a bridge toward an aligned,
empowered, illuminated life.  Each and every expert speaker, teacher and
mentor in this series brings something unique and life-altering … and
often miraculous… to the mix… each at will guide and support you in
taking yet another step across that bridge…and allow you to
experience extraordinary learning and astounding healing as you go.

Here are just some of the experts in quantum
healing, consciousness and soul that you’ll hear when you register for
this FREE event:

Dr. Eric Pearl, Dr. Norm Shealy, Dr. Bruce Lipton,
Donna Eden, Tapas Fleming, Brent Phillips, Dr. Gregg Braden, Richard
Gordon, Dawson Church, Chunyi Lin, Barbara Stanny, Jon Gabriel, Simon
Jacobson, Dr. Pat Carrington, YY Jacobson, Melissa Joy Jonsson, Richard
Bartlett, Asher Crispe

And of course, me, Sherry GabaI’ll
be speaking
on how you can break through any your addictions
whether they are drugs, alcohol, binge eating, gambling, shopping, sex,
or co-dependency,  and attract the life of your dreams

be speaking on Thursday, December 2nd

look forward to seeing you there!!

join me for this unique series as we explore the frontiers of
consciousness and human potential, and begin to master the keys to
transforming your life and your world.
By the way, don’t worry
if you can’t make the sessions live. Each and every session will be
recorded, and available for an additional 48 hours after the live
class.  And remember…each and every one of these life-changing
sessions is available, completely FREE!
extraordinary event begins on Tuesday, October 19th at 9pm 
  There’s no fee, but you do have to register here to make sure that we
hold your spot for you:



Sherry Gaba, LCSW

P.S. Remember: opening up to
new, life-changing perspectives works even better when you’re not doing
it alone. Each time one person takes a step forward in consciousness and
connection, they open up new pathways for us all. So please do what you
can to make a difference by spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter and
anywhere else you go.

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Listen to a recorded interview of my teleseminar about “Creating Fulfillment For a Whole Life” and Receive Free Bonus Gifts.



Most of us believe, in theory, that we should make efforts to take better care of ourselves, through better eating, more exercise, or working our recovery programs. But we can fall into the trap of forgetting to engage or these behaviors.  I certainly promote self-care to my psychotherapy and life coaching clients on a regular basis.  On a recent vacation, I spent the first few days actually sleeping and ordering room service.  It was a sign just how tired I have been and how I lost touch even with my own self care.


 Under the surface, there might be another reason we don’t follow through: we don’t really believe that we deserve to tend to our personal well-being. Self-care is often erroneously and critically labeled selfishness. It’s not. Even Jesus and Gandhi took time for themselves, withdrawing from the crowds to tend to their spirits. For me, I have found it so urgent to get the message out of my book, I have forgotten myself in the process. 


Time spent in self-care fills us up so we can give of ourselves and not be left dried and shriveled up like last summer’s grapes left on the vine. Most of us can relate to the feeling of running on empty. This automotive analogy is actually a good one. What can our car do for us with no gasoline in the tank? Be a large, shiny driveway ornament? Not so useful. So why do we expect ourselves to be able to run and give and work and cook and clean and put on a happy face with nothing fueling us? It’s crazy, and it’s high time we kick crazy to the curb.


Meredith Watkins from Recovery View says “Make yourself a priority. Make the time to do the things that fill you up. For some, it may be a leisurely stroll on the beach. For others, 30 uninterrupted minutes with a great book. Or a fabulous bike ride or coffee with your friends or seeing your loving therapist (see how I slid that one in?). Or seeing a movie in the theatre.” It doesn’t have to be a weeklong trip to Tahiti (though if you get the opportunity, I highly recommend jumping at it). In fact, they should be the small things that you love. The ones that bring you peace and a sense of reconnection with yourself. Small things are doable and can be easily incorporated into your everyday life. Pick a few and put them on your calendar, in your Blackberry, whatever — and then actually do them.


For those resisters who think, “I can’t possibly take that time. I won’t be able to be there as much for my kids and spouse and boss” — stop making excuses. Because, honestly, that’s what that is. If your kids or spouse or boss had to choose between someone who was happy and creative and energized when they were with them or someone who was barely hanging on by a thread, who do you think they would choose? Who would you choose? By investing in yourself, you create dividends to extend to those around you. When you’re running on empty, all you’re giving them are your fumes. Not pleasant.


Put aside those faulty notions of the nobility of killing yourself for the greater good. Realize that your greatest gift to give others is the best version of yourself.  You have gifts to give the universe, but more importantly, without self care, thsoe gifts will not be heard.  So starting right now, make it a day of balance, self care, and profound self love.  You deserve it.