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of the things you should be noticing about your sobriety is that your
values are changing. Things that used to be important to you–maybe
having time to get high, a knack for making up convincing excuses, or
buddies who can drink as much as you can–no longer are important. And
things you once pushed aside–perhaps being reliable and trustworthy–are
becoming more and more important.

        For example, one of the things I value is loyalty to those I love and cherish.  With my recent situation of someone I love relapsing, instead of living in resentment and anger, I turn to my values of loyalty, commitment, and love.  These are the values that allow me to stay out of my diseased values and stay in the values and cherish and resonate with I am.

not that you never valued being reliable or trustworthy; it’s just that
those values got put on the shelf when your top priority was to get
drunk or high. Now that your top priority is to be sober, you have a
chance to embrace the values that align with who you are in sobriety.

Law of Sobriety says that your values must be in line with your true
essence if you want to resonate the positive energy it will take to
attract everything in life that you desire. That means you stop doing
things that make you feel guilty–because if you are feeling guilty,
you’re not acting in accordance with your values. In sobriety, you have
the freedom to live by your values. Your addiction doesn’t run your
life–you do.

your values align with your true essence, you are doing the things you
are good at and truly enjoy. You are making choices that honor your
values. What are the moments in your life that have been especially
fulfilling or rewarding? In those moments, you were aligned with your
values. And in those moments, the energy of the universe filled you with
drive and fulfillment and peace.

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I just stumbled upon Judith Orloff’s blog and her book
Second Sight.  I am so excited about her
message and in fact going to attend her workshop in Westlake Village this
Saturday hosted by the Center for Spiritual Living.  This has become my new home, because it
speaks my message as well.  It is
absolutely what I talk about in The Law of Sobriety about intuition, our inner
voice, our gut feeling, our hunch, and our intuitive wisdom or Higher Power
voice.  She discusses 5 steps to becoming
more intuitive.  The first step is:

Notice Your Beliefs

Not only does having positive beliefs change your
perspective, is has health benefits.  It
is all about being true to yourself and your values.  What is it you believe in?  In Law of Sobriety I talk about what you put
out there in the universe is what you will get back.  If you don’t do the work required to stay
comfortable in your own skin, then simply you won’t be comfortable and you
might even relapse.

Be In Your Body

I studied Somatic Experience for a yr and when I work with
clients in order to ground them and get them present, I check in to what is
happening to them right now in their body. 
We tend to live from the neck up; try shifting that to your heart

Sense Your Body’s Subtle Energy

This is my favorite, thus, that is why I called my book The
Law of Sobriety: Attracting Positive Energy for a Powerful Recovery

We all have “chi”, that energy force or center that we call
“chakras”.  Be mindful of them because
that too is where intuition lies and your life force.

Ask for Inner Guidance

This is all about your knowing; it is the result of being
still and listening to that tiny voice. 
This can be done thru mediation, contemplation, connecting with nature,
prayer, or whatever helps you receive your inner essence. Asking for guidance
is imperative in recovery.  We don’t
always have the answers in the physical world but down deep in the spiritual
world, those are the answers you can trust.

Listen To Your Dreams

I was never a big believer in dreams.  Now I truly believe they too hold the answers
to our intuition.  Ask yourself before
you go to bed a question that needs an answer that in the physical world it can’t
be answered.  It can only appear in your
spiritual world.  That is where all the
answers from the universe can be heard.

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As some of you may already know if you read my blog or
facebook, I have going thru a bit of a crises in my life.  Someone I love has relapsed and I am learning
that my supporting someone who they love in a relapse is way different than
when it is someone you know and love.  It
has been full of all sorts of lessons, and the reasons as to why it has occurred
and what lessons I am learning are now slowly being revealed to me. 

First of all, I am finding a new sense of renewal in my own
recovery.  I am less focus on the
external world and becoming more in touch with my own internal world.  Through this process amazing things are
happening.  For one, I have found a
spiritual home along with the 12 steps. 
This home resonates with everything I do and believe in.    It is called Religious Science.  I like it because it exemplifies that we are
all one, really.  I do not judge anyone
for their own spiritual beliefs, because I think it is such a personal matter.  I think that is why I like this program,
because it is non-judgmental, the people are so welcoming, and it doesn’t
practice any one religion.  It feels like
it is a combination of all religions to me at least that is how I perceive
it.  Maybe that is not its intention, but
for me that is how I see it. 

In the book living without Fear by Ernest Holmes, the
founder of Religious Science, he writes about the laws of the universe.  I find that fascinating since my book is
titled “The Law of Sobriety”.  How ironic
that I would find this after the book was written.  It is as if this book has guided me to this
place.  It is as if all along, it was
there, and it took the book to lead me to its door. 

He writes in his book, “Law is the rule by which certain
actions take place; everything in the universe is governed by exact laws,
otherwise the universe would be a chaos. 
We do not see any law; we see what it does and how it acts.  Law is a part of the invisible government of
the universe.”  I just love this
quote.  Although my book was based party
by teachings from The Law of Attraction, I never quite saw the word “Law” quite
this way.  Although, my book on many
levels talks about seven action steps that combined can help a person find
purpose in their life and in their recovery. 
It all goes together so well and now “Law” has even more significance to
me.  It also reminds me that the 12 steps
could almost be looked upon as a Law of Recovery. In other words, if you go
thru the 12 steps, you will no longer have chaos in your life that was so
prevalent when you were drinking or using. 
We don’t actually see the steps in my book or the 12 steps, we see the
results.  In other words, if you follow
the steps of the program or religion that resonates with you (whether it is Buddha,
Allah, Jesus, God), there will be peace and serenity.  You don’t see peace or serenity; you just know
it is there when it arrives. Everything feels just right and to me that is law.      When things unfold as they should, I am one
with the universe, and therefore one with my God and when I am in peace,
serenity, acceptance, forgiveness, and gratitude, I know I am one with God and
that God is right there working through me and to me that is law.  There is no accident I named my book “The Law
of Sobriety.”  It just took a while for
the Law part to show up in my own life and I hope it shows up in yours, as

 Many of the exercises in my book The Law of Sobriety, begin with sitting quietly for a few minutes
and just being still and breathing. Why is this so important? Because you have
to step out of your everyday life, quiet all the chatter in your head and open
yourself up to the honest, wise parts of you that whisper so softly that you
can barely hear them.

With the recent changes in my own life, as an effort to decrease and put to bed the inner chatter, I notice and acknowledge the chatter but I don’t let it take over.  I give it a label as just “chatter” and then I let it go.  Otherwise, I would be filled with anticipatory anxiety wondering will my loved one relapse again?  What if this person does relapse?  What will I do if this person relapses? etc. etc.  These thoughts just make me the recovery police which you know never works.

            Somewhere deep
within us, we all know what our truths are. We spend a lot of time and energy
denying them, and sometimes we numb ourselves with an addiction to deny them.
But our truths are never completely silenced. We need to stop using up all our
energy trying to silence them, and instead, sit quietly and listen.

            Are you afraid
of what you will hear in that stillness? Don’t be. Some of our truths are ugly,
but that’s never the whole truth. All of us have an innate wisdom–somehow,
somewhere, we know what is really going on with us and we know what to do about
it. That’s why I say in the exercises in The
Law of Sobriety that you can breathe
in the questions and breathe out the answers. In some part of you, you already
know the answers.
I am discovering that even if I don’t find the answers right away, they will show up when they are ready to un-fold.  I can’t push the answers, but rather allow them to flow effortlessly without pushing them too soon.

            When you sit in
stillness, you let your breath carry your inner wisdom up from the depths and
into your consciousness. You hear that quiet whisper. And when you do, I
promise, you will be surprised to find that you’re relieved to finally hear
what it has to say.