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Dennis Quaid Learns Humility Through Sobriety

posted by sherrygaba

“In the end, it taught me humility,” concludes Quaid. “I really learned to appreciate what I have in this life.”

The list of actors and actresses that have suffered with or are currently suffering from addiction is long. The headlines are often filled with trouble that celebrities have encountered or tell the tales of celebrity addiction. At times these stories are horrific, even sad as they related the woes and bottomless pit where these individuals find themselves. Occasionally we see tales of the successful recoveries of addiction. These stories, that are filled with hope and exemplify the benefits of sobriety usually do not garner as much attention as those that are considered more “entertaining” by the press and by society. A recent interview from Dennis Quaid, with Newsweek, shows a positive aspect of recovery.

Quaid, who was known for having a heavy addiction to cocaine in the  late 70’s and 80’s, offers an account of what life on the set was like. He explains how having cocaine on set became quickly familiar to him. He didn’t have any problem finding the drug, using the drug and becoming addicted. By the late 80’s his career and home life began to suffer greatly from his cocaine use. Quaid sought recovery and sobriety in the 90’s and took back control of his life. His statement above, of learning humility, is a testament to his commitment to sobriety.

Humility is a cornerstone of a successful recovery. It is important to note that the term “humility” does not equate “humiliation”.  The basis of learning humility is centered in becoming comfortable with tasks and emotions that an active addict is not accustomed. Emotions of gratitude, thankfulness and giving all surround the character trait of humility. There is no job, tasks or chore that you are above. When a recovering addict is able to realize the role that they play in this world, without the pompous outlook, which is common, when using, they will find joy in simple things. With a sense of self-esteem that is rooted in true reality, the recovering addict will learn to participate in the activities that encompass their life with a sense of pride. True pride, without hubris, is a result of having true humility.

While headlines are filled with the crazy situations that active addicts engage in, it is refreshing to read the headlines of recovering addicts who exemplify the joys that can be found in recovery. I always enjoy stumbling upon these stories of strength and hope. I find that they give society at large, a view of hope. Addiction can be managed and the end result of an addict’s life does not have to result in tragedy.

Sherry Gaba, LCSW, is a Life and Recovery Coach on Celebrity Rehab on VH1 and author of “The Law of Sobriety” which uses the law of attraction to recover from any addictions.  Sherry can be reached at for coaching packages, therapy, teleseminars, workshops, or speaking engagements.


    Hopefully you will find some HUMILITY :)

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