The Celebrity Therapist

that Celebrity Rehab 4 is going to be airing, I notice I have
butterflies in my stomach.  That familiar feeling that are people going
to be judging me again for my work on Celebrity Rehab.  No one can judge
me more than I sometimes judge myself for many things, but not this.  I
totally have loved every minute working behind the scenes and in front
of the camera during the filming of the show.  Like I have always said,
the show plants seeds for the celebrities as well as the viewers.  It
completely resonates with the work I do although it is television.

I believe celebrities are truly not all that different than anyone
suffering from an addiction.  Although sometimes, there are “yes” people
that surround them, they have the same pain any one of us in the
disease has.  The celebrities this year worked on issues in a very deep
and profound way.  For the first time, we explored childhood trauma in a
very gut wrenching and real way and I am proud of every single one of

I have been accused of being a “fraud” by many including people who I
thought were my friends and colleagues.  Dr. Drew once told me to get
used to that because there is a lot of “jealousy” out there.  I don’t
mind being open about this because I love what I do inside and outside 
the set helping people get clean and sober and fulfill their wildest
dreams.  That is why I wrote the book “The Law of Sobriety.” 
Again, I have many people who love my book and perhaps I have helped
them with the message.  Again, there are others who are jealous and
diminish the time and effort I put into writing the book, but they are
entitled to their opinions.  I know my truth, but I am also in recovery
and can be hurt and feel the pain of others  judgments like anyone
else.  That is the price you pay when you are public.  I am sure many
others out there in the public feel the same way, but I just speak what
some can’t say.

When your values align with your true essence, you are doing the
things you are good at and truly enjoy. You are making choices that
honor your values. What are the moments in your life that have been
especially fulfilling or rewarding? In those moments, you were aligned
with your values. And in those moments, the energy of the universe
filled you with drive and fulfillment and peace.  That is how I feel
everyday because my work is my calling and my purpose, and I am so
grateful that I get to wake up doing what I love each and every day.

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