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 With 401Ks dwindling and many of us struggling to make ends meet, the thought of giving seems very counterintuitive. The instinct is to cling to what meager portion we may have and make it stretch as far as possible.   […]

My E ! News Report of Lindsay Lohan’s stay at Betty Ford for her treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. 

It’s no secret that our society has a little, shall we say, hang-up on body image. While women are the primary targets, let’s not forget our testosterone-laden brethren, who are not exempt from “good-natured” ribbing from pals, or offhand comments […]

Negative thinking is addictive. Once you start to believe the negative things you tell yourself, it’s as if you’re caught up in a powerful whirlpool and you can’t break free. “I won’t get a better job.” “I can’t make new […]

        Since my book came out, I have had all sorts of revelations.  I have learned that there are those who truly support my endeavors and unfortunately, those who appear to make it a point  to tarnish my characcter perhaps due to their […]

A friend of mine recently moved to a new apartment. I don’t know if you’re like me, but the very thought of moving makes me start shaking. It’s the idea of packing up all my stuff that gives me so […]

As addicts and alcoholics, you all understand you have no room for un-resolved anger in your recovery program. On the other side of anger is resentment or a feeling that some injustice has been done to you. Something or someone […]