The Celebrity Therapist

The Celebrity Therapist

What do Celebrities Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan Have in Common

Lindsay Lohan will be back in court Friday for testing positive for cocaine and could face 30 days in jail.

This is just after being released from a UCLA drug treatment center where the doctors determined she was not a chronic substance abuser.  Are you kidding?  How did they come to that conclusion?  I don’t get it.  I have worked in this field for numerous years and every indication points to Lindsay being an addict. 

Lindsay has failed multiple drug tests, spent 13 days behind bars and was released early due to overcrowded jails.   If these aren’t bottoms, then what is?


Lindsay has hit her bottom numerous times and is still using which means obviously whatever treatment she has been receiving is not working and/or clearly she does not want to get clean and sober.  Ironic that in the same week Paris Hilton, another young celebrity, gets busted for cocaine. 

My mother made the most interesting comment to me the other day.  She asked, “Why aren’t these woman doing something in their lives that is meaningful?”  “Why aren’t they doing charity work?”  “Why aren’t they spending their time being useful instead of partying all hours of the night and flaunting their line of handbags?” 


This is just outrageous and the arrogance of these women permeates Hollywood’s slew of young and entitled celebrities.  It is another example of most likely friends and possibly her family enabling this type of behavior by their denial and their inability to say “no.”  On the other hand, she is a 24 year old woman, who is deeply in her disease.  She is most definitely an addict and she needs one year of treatment.  She needs to immerse herself in recovery and change everything and everyone in her life if she expects to turn her life around. 

Although I try not to promote my book, this is exactly what Lindsay needs.  She needs to find her purpose, her calling and figure out what it is that gives her life meaning other than drugs and alcohol. We all have a reason to be on this planet.  We all have gifts to impart to the universe.  Lindsay has a calling but she has yet to find it because she has been too busy living in chaos and dysfunction for too many years.  I wish for her to find what it is that fulfills her and brings passion to her life, otherwise I am afraid she is going to keep doing the same thing over and over again.  Yes, she needs recovery, but she also needs a reason for being here. Otherwise, she unfortunately may not ever have that chance to be the woman she is meant to be.   She, like so many other young adults, are never able to access their purpose because they are too busy numbing their feelings.   Only that tiny voice of wisdom can be heard from their higher power, Buddha, God, Jesus, Allah, or higher self when they remove all the destructive behavior their lives encompass.   Only when they embody their true and enlightened nature, will they find the peace and serenity they so desire.



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  • NancyLL

    Park Avenue or a park bench….sobriety takes the desire to stop whatever substance is being abused or has become an addiction.
    Consequences have to become severe enough for the person to hit bottom, physically, mentally, emotionall, spiritually…all or some. It does not necessarily mean the most dramatic event, but one where the individual gets that they are sick and tired of being sick and tired.
    Changing people, places and things is difficult for anyone going after a sober life. However, it is imperative in becoming part of the solution rather than living in the problem.

  • MargieRuns

    Given that both these young women became very famous at ridicously young ages affords them broad opportunities to spend money and time on partying. Who can say they wouldn’t do the same thing? How would you like to have cameras shoved in your face each and every time you leave your house for the public streets. People love to find the flaws of these women, because it proves to those with less financial back up that there are some things money won’t buy you. Okay, you could pay more and find a really nice rehab center in a gorgeous location, but the hard work of becoming clean and sober must be earned through hard work and prayer.
    Isn’t it both nauseating and delightful to view the poor little rich celebrities headed back to court and jail? They are icons of a sick society, mirrors of what we the people are today. When you criticize them, you’re criticizing also their loyal fans who admire them so much.

  • Pamela Mulley (5 years C&S)

    These celebrities are just that and the court system are not doing them any justice. Their parents need to stand firm (tough love)and hopefully they will turn their will and their lives over. I wish them al the best.

  • larry lowdermilk

    They are both spoiled rotten brats that their parents never took the time to be parents. They have never been made to do a days work, and don’t care for anything or anybody except their own desires

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