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Does Lindsay Lohan’s Mother Have Boundaries: Interview on Healthy Boundaries with your Children

posted by sherrygaba
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  • Carol

    The sad thing is these kids have the world at their fingertips and all they do is throw it out
    They could do good things in this world that really needs to be done and chose to make a mess of everything if I had just half of their money I wouldn’t be worried about losing my home or will my electric bill be turned off.
    I realize they have worked hard for their money but use it for good things not killing themselves and other that might get into contact with them.
    Their parents really didn’t care about them in the least all the saw were those dollar signs but now they are adults and they know right from wrong.
    These children are brats and that is all they are they have never been told “NO” and mean it.

  • Nancy LL

    Answer to the question……Obviously, no she does not. She’s a poor excuse for a Mother. Our children need parents,not more friends. I have 18 years of sobriety, and during that time had great joy in the journey of raising my two sons, now young men, ages 25 and 22. However, I was extremely cognizent that enjoying spending time with them, supporting their sporting events, proms, parties, graduation from pre-school through college, did not give me license to put myself on their level.
    It is a self-serving, selfish, immature response when we choose to be hanging out and co-signing our kids wayward choices, rather than stepping up to the plate, taking the risk of them not liking us, and guiding them to a safer place than they would take at those given times.
    A well-worn statement is true. Conception and giving birth to a child does not make one a parent. It’s in the years that follow which define that role and gives someone the honor to call themself a Mother or Father.

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