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Okay, she didn’t really take communion, but she did drink blood during a performance of her song “Cannibal.”  It appears that the blood came from some kind of heart, but whether it is real or a prop isn’t entirely clear.  […]

If you have been wondering what the hottest music video out right now is, then feast your eyes on Rebecca Black’s “Friday.”  It is a bit like Justin Bieber meets Ke$ha meets the worst thing that I have ever heard […]

Today we rage on to the end of the Justin Bieber Never Say Never Bible Study!  If you haven’t been following, the Justin Bieber Bible Study was a booklet sent out to youth leaders to promote his latest film.  In […]

Welcome one and all to part 2 of the Justin Bieber Bible Study review!  Today we’ll be looking at the opening sections which describe the purpose of the discussion.  The writers also subtly try to convince us that Never Say Never […]

Tonight was the premiere of Britney Spear’s video for her hit single “Hold It Against Me.”  The song, based on a worn out pick-up line, showcases new levels of brilliant poetry for the songstress.  I hear the other album tracks […]

Here it is folks – The Justin Bieber Bible Study: Never Say Never… For Nothing Is Impossible With God.  This short booklet with a poorly worded title was sent to youth group leaders as a part of the promotional campaign […]

If you thought Eminem sold out by appearing in two commercials during the Super Bowl, then get a load of this.  With just a simple click of the “like” button you can watch Weezer slog through a poorly performed extended […]

The internet is heating up over the upcoming Britney Spears album Femme Fatale.  While educating myself on the latest Britney news I become aware of something that slipped under my radar.  Oh how I wish it had stayed there. Did […]