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Scotty Mcreery did it.  The young singer with the old-time country sound has been charming America from the start, and tonight he took home the grand prize over competitor Lauren Alaina.  More on that later, since some things did happen on the show before that.  Not exactly two hours worth of things, but hey they tried.

Tonight may have been the big finale for American Idol, but apparently the producers got it confused with their other show, Beyonce Idol.  The songstress showed up on stage not once but twice, nearly the same amount of times as several members of the American Idol top 13.  I’ll give them some credit and say that one of the appearances was by Sasha Fierce.  Either way, it was very strange, yet fitting for this season of Idol.

Other highlights included Lauren Alaina and Carrie Underwood performing together.  There were even moments when I could tell them apart, but most of the time it just looked like two Carrie Underwoods.  Their plan to sink Lauren’s career before it even starts is already in full force, apparently.  Casey Abrams and Jack Black gave a hilariously over the top rendition of the Queen classic “Fat Bottom Girls.”  I really missed Casey in the last half of this season, and tonight his appearances always captured the show.

By far the strangest moment of the night was a performance from the Spider Man musical featuring U2 and… well, Spider Man?  Why?  God only knows, and even the big guy might be at a loss.  The lowest point though, was Steven Tyler (poorly) performing the Aerosmith hit “Dream On” with his new band of young musicians.  Seriously, you could probably add all of the band member’s ages together and not get close to Steven’s age.

As the night drug to a halt the winner was announced, and as expected by many Scotty Mcreery took home the Idol crown.  While there were far more interesting performers this season, it is hard to deny that Scotty had that “it” factor from the beginning.  That such a down home country voice managed to win it all is a testimony not only to his ability as a performer but to his humble and sweet personality.  The kid isn’t vanilla like the last few Idol winners, and that is great.  Also, this is the third Idol from my home state of North Carolina, they should really just name it North Carolina Idol.

So the long season is over.  Since the show got to do it’s own recap, I’d like to share a few of my favorite moments from throughout the season:

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So the Idol season is over, but it isn’t the only thing that is over.  Alright, that was a little too dramatic, but you may have noticed less posts here recently.  The reason is I am transitioning into being the Music Editor at this very site.  So that means more Beliefnet music content for you to enjoy!  I am pretty thrilled, but don’t worry, I will stop by here to drop some personal opinion action every now and then.  They can’t keep a good prophet down!

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