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Sorry fellas, your teenage Christian music crush has officially spurned you.  On Saturday Rebecca St. James married fellow musician Jacob Fink at an intimate ceremony in San Diego. Yes, she was always out of your league, but this makes it official.

If you are wondering how a guy who would wear ridiculous white rimmed shades bested you in the race for Rebecca’s affections, I have no advice for you.  Jacob is a relative unknown in the music scene, especially next to his GRAMMY winning wife, but his missionary past and career in television production was evidently enough to impress the successful songstress.

Simply put, you can’t win ’em all guys.

It remains to be seen if Rebecca will be changing her performance name or even her official name – Rebecca St. Fink just doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.  If she decides to take his name she will probably need to start performing jazz music or at least smoke a lot of cigarettes for a more… husky tone.  Needless to say, I will be following this story very closely.

Major congratulations to Rebecca and Jacob!

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