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In an age of sagging record and ticket sales, U2 is poised to make history… again.  Their international 360 tour is projected make over 700 million dollars.

That’s right Dr. Evil, 700 million dollars.  Can you even imagine 700 million dollars?  I can’t!  To think, this tour is in support of their album No Line on the Horizon, which was far from a critical success and has been out for so long that I couldn’t even guess at the release date.  That doesn’t matter though, this is U2 we are talking about here.  The tour is spanning multiple continents, several opening acts, and probably a planet or two.  Yes, without a doubt, U2 would play a 360 tour show on the moon if they could.  Come to think of it their 360 Tour set, which allows for larger crowds and a great viewing angle for everyone, looks an awful lot like a spaceship.

Even if they don’t make it to space, it is without a doubt that U2 is one of the most stunningly successful bands of all time.

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