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Christian singer/songwriter Derek Webb is no stranger to creative controversy.  Typically the controversy comes out of his intense lyrics or in his touring practices, such as touring with openly homosexual Christian artist Jennifer Knapp.  Webb has developed a knack for pushing people out of their comfort zone, trying desperately make them realize that God is bigger than all of the earthly squabbles that consume many Christians.

This time, though, Derek Webb isn’t pushing a progressive message through either of those forms, this time he is getting creative with the music.  His new release Feedback is an instrumental interpretation of The Lord’s Prayer.  The words of the prayer are expressed in many forms including grungy electric guitars, dance-able drum loops, interesting keyboard tones, and even a return to the acoustic guitar sounds of past Derek Webb releases.  The music stays fresh throughout, and I think you’ll be surprised at how connected you feel to the actual words of the Lord’s Prayer while listening.  The album is accompanied by many photos and paintings that communicate the themes that Webb is wanting to convey.  Definitely a nice touch.

While the music isn’t going to push any boundaries in the realm of instrumental releases, it is going to break through a ton of them in CCM.  Webb is hoping to show Christians that worship can be different than what they are accustomed to, and he will succeed greatly with those who will give it a chance.

Make sure you preview the album and maybe pick up a copy from Derek Webb’s online store.  You won’t regret it!

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