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Just a couple of neat links for today!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Everyone has to start somewhere, and I got my music blogging start at  Since that time it has become South Carolina’s best source for local bands, and this link is just another example of that.  They managed to snag an interview with budding Christian artist John Mark McMillan.  John Mark hails from Charlotte and is one of Christian music’s rising stars, check out the interview here:

A Conversation With John Mark McMillan

One other interesting link for today.  GRAMMY winners Arcade Fire are enjoying a new jolt of success, and hopefully a lot of people are checking out their older albums such as the great Neon Bible (Which I personally enjoyed far more than The Suburbs).  The band often makes use of spiritual themes in their music, and this interesting article discusses the themes of that very album.  Enjoy!

A Neon Bible Study

Have a great day, enjoy wearing green and watching the NCAA tournament!

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