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Okay, she didn’t really take communion, but she did drink blood during a performance of her song “Cannibal.”  It appears that the blood came from some kind of heart, but whether it is real or a prop isn’t entirely clear.  All I know is that it is pretty disgusting, but I’m not sure whether it beats out Ozzy Osbourne biting the head off a bat.  At least it fit the song right?

As for Ke$ha in general, I think she is one of the smartest pop stars out right now.  She clearly doesn’t have much vocal talent but she has managed to build an entire career off of simply being strange.  I get the impression that she finds her success to be funny in a “I can’t believe people are buying this” kind of way.  I really hope that is true, if not I don’t know what to think.

Either way, if the buzz over this latest incident is any indication, her plan will be working for a long, long time.

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