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A few extra bits from the Oscars tonight!

-The awards for music and sound definitely found the correct homes tonight.  Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross did an amazing job with The Social Network, and I can’t believe I am writing about Trent Reznor on this blog.  Anyone who doesn’t think Inception deserved the award for sound design and editing didn’t go see that movie in a theater.  It was the best part of the film.

-Florence Welch continues her systematic takeover of award shows.  Much like the Grammys, “who is that redhead with the amazing voice?” was said in homes all across America.  The performance of “If I Rise” from the  movie 127 Hours was outstanding, and just one more reason for everyone to check out Florence and the Machine’s debut album Lungs.

-It was great to see many of Beliefnet’s Top 5 Inspirational Oscar Nominees earning honors tonight.  There really were a number of great and moving films this year.  As for my choices, I loved The King’s Speech and True Grit for the same reasons – they were serious, funny, and explored human relationships in a unique way.  All of the performances were incredible in both films, so it is really a wash for me.  They were both wonderful.

I’ll wrap this up before I start stereotypically complaining about the hosts (they were bad), what did you think about the Oscars tonight?

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