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Yesterday, Mike Jones posted the YouTube video below, upping the ante on the breaking news about Ted Haggard: there were other young men involved with Ted, he says, and their parents knew about it. He does not, and probably will […]

Ted Haggard has been making the media rounds in advance of next week’s release of HBO’s “The Trials of Ted Haggard” and an Oprah Winfrey episode featuring Haggard and his family. The documentary captures Haggard’s life in the months after […]

It’s the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and it doesn’t seem right to just say nothing. So consider  this pro-life ad that has been making the rounds:  Of course, we can’t all have mothers like Obama’s. But the video closely […]

Given the massive flap over Obama’s selection of Rick Warren to offer the inaugural prayer, there will no doubt be a new flap over Warren’s decision to pray his prayer “in Jesus’ name.” Lots of people on the left were […]

This thing is stunning. It’s the same Bible Abraham Lincoln used in his first inauguration, and the symbolism couldn’t be sweeter. I can’t find a good photo online that isn’t in Flash and can be pasted here, but the best […]

Steve Waldman has created an archive of inaugural prayers throughout history. In my first read through these prayers, which go back to the 1937 prayer at Franklin D. Roosevelt’s inauguration, I was struck by how rarely we see a confessional […]

A strangely inspiring quote from Eugene Peterson to begin the new year:  From The Jesus Way, in a chapter where Peterson notes Christians’ odd tendency to idolize David–he of 8 wives and a harem of concubines, he who killed thousands […]

The classic debate between Darwinian evolutionism and young-earth creationism is often seen as a moldy conflict between atheism and theism. That’s never been quite true–some of the nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Christians who articulated “The Fundamentals” of the faith (and […]

In my post on “Religulous,” I made the point that Bill Maher exudes a shockingly self-righteous certitude in his own position–and at the movie’s end, literally preaches a gospel of Maherism and warns doom for all who don’t see his […]

I’m way late to this, but just saw it last night and wanted to weigh in briefly. I had planned to address several of the key problems, as well as acknowledge its (few) pleasures as a movie, but Steve Waldman did […]