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Yesterday, Mike Jones posted the YouTube video below, upping the ante on the breaking news about Ted Haggard: there were other young men involved with Ted, he says, and their parents knew about it. He does not, and probably will […]

I remember a lot of gaping, earnest love for George W. Bush among his supporters during the early years of his presidency. I remember an admiration for the man and his manners that fueled a kind of blind hope in […]

Steven Waldman and David Gibson list a bunch of data from a group called Third Way that attempts to prove that lifting the so-called gag rule, which would allow U.S. dollars to go to clinics in developing countries that perform […]

It’s the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and it doesn’t seem right to just say nothing. So consider  this pro-life ad that has been making the rounds:  Of course, we can’t all have mothers like Obama’s. But the video closely […]

Given the massive flap over Obama’s selection of Rick Warren to offer the inaugural prayer, there will no doubt be a new flap over Warren’s decision to pray his prayer “in Jesus’ name.” Lots of people on the left were […]

“…a man whose father, less than 60 years ago, might not have been served in a local restaurant, now stands before you to take a sacred oath.” Consider that. Today, my 5 year old daughter came home from kindergarten and […]

This thing is stunning. It’s the same Bible Abraham Lincoln used in his first inauguration, and the symbolism couldn’t be sweeter. I can’t find a good photo online that isn’t in Flash and can be pasted here, but the best […]

Steve Waldman has created an archive of inaugural prayers throughout history. In my first read through these prayers, which go back to the 1937 prayer at Franklin D. Roosevelt’s inauguration, I was struck by how rarely we see a confessional […]

During Steve Waldman’s interview with Rick Warren last week, Waldman mentioned Beliefnet’s survey of voters after the election. Among other findings, says Waldman, we learned that when asked to rank issues of concern, evangelicals who voted John McCain listed “reducing poverty” […]

Pun intended. Starting today, two of our bloggers–Tony Jones and Rod Dreher–will begin a debate discussion Beliefnet Blogalogue on same sex marriage. They’ll post on their respective blogs and link back to one another.  Here’s what’s unique about this discussion, and […]