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When I became a Christian in 1993, I became a very radical Christian. (Read all about it.) On some days back then, the only music I could find worth listening to was this odd 1970s worship legend named Keith Green. […]

Hat-tip to Nate Barksdale and Andy Crouch at for introducing me to the musician Joe Pug today. Nate calls the song “Hymn 101” one of his favorites of the last six months, and I’ll definitely be digging into the tune for […]

I just got Over the Rhine’s “Snow Angel” album a few days ago, and called it up in iTunes after writing that last post. The first track definitely makes the Delightfully Depressing list: the gorgeous “All I Ever Get for […]

One of the first albums I listen to every Christmas season is Elvis Presley’s “If Every Day Was Like Christmas,” an album that captures what my mother-in-law calls Elvis’ “warbling” stage. It is melodramatic and overcooked, and I love it. […]

Mine is Bill Mallonee, whose painful story Nate Anderson tells beautifully in the latest issue of Christianity Today. When Paste Magazine came out with their list of the Top 100 singer-songwriters, I tore through the issue to see if Mallonee made it, and […]

The sidebar over yonder tells you all you need to know about the readiness of this here blog. I have not had time this week to get things up and running as they should be (and just think of all […]