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As I was writing that earlier post on Apple’s new MacBook, drooling over a product I want but absolutely do not need, I got a timely dose of reality. My Twitterific updated itself and showed me a long series of […]

This is pretty remarkable–you’d think that Max Lucado, of all pastors, would offer an encouraging word, delivered with a smile, about the economic woes facing people today. But instead, he delivers nothing short of a lamentation. The message, essentially, is […]

Sometimes the timing of these things is uncanny. I spent part of the weekend with my stomach in knots and my head in fits over the news about the economy. The macro-level questions about the near future of our national […]

Barry Ritholtz observes that one way to look at the current economics crisis is as a five-year hiccup in our approach to lending.  Over the entire history of human finance, the underlying premise of all credit transactions — loans, mortgages, […]