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I prayed a prayer of thanksgiving yesterday when I heard the news that there were no fatalities or injuries after an airliner crashed into the Hudson River. All good things come from God–so says the Bible, and so says my […]

Movie Mom blogger Neil Minow put together a list of the top Comfort Movies–flicks that go down just right on those no-good, crummy, sniffling, sneezing days. Not a bad list, and hard to quibble with something as idiosyncratic as this. […]

Dave Banack is Beliefnet’s new Mormon blogger, and this week he’s launched a discussion series for a book titled How Wide the Divide: An Evangelical and a Mormon in Conversation. The book is 10 years old, but the subjects in […]

Few blogs, or media of any kind, have been as arresting as the Boston Globe’s The Big Picture. Alan Taylor’s blog tells captivating stories, post after post. Its big pictures offer windows into the small places we never see.  His […]

So asks Scot McKnight, prompted by a feisty exchange he had with Paul Raushenbush and the commenters at Raushenbush’s blog, which was prompted by Steve Waldman’s interview with Rick Warren.  The “evangelicals vs. fundamentalists” moment was the part of the Warren […]

The good news: Alan Jacobs has a new blog at Culture11.  The too-good-to-be-true news (warning: Geek Ahead): he says the blog will be about “technologies of reading and research and, well, knowledge.” Woah. Thank goodness for venture capital, aye Culture11?  Tapping […]

This is Josh. He’s a student at a small college in Pennsylvania, and I had the pleasure of calling him a couple days ago to tell him he’d won the trip to Africa we sponsored with Children’s HopeChest. He’ll be […]

Pun intended. Starting today, two of our bloggers–Tony Jones and Rod Dreher–will begin a debate discussion Beliefnet Blogalogue on same sex marriage. They’ll post on their respective blogs and link back to one another.  Here’s what’s unique about this discussion, and […]

Join me in welcoming two new blogs to Beliefnet: Jesus Creed, crafted by the careful hands of Scot McKnight, and The New Christians, the brainchild of Tony Jones.  Jesus Creed, long one of the web’s most popular religion blogs, is […] asked for a list of the top 10 Christian blogs. The list I offered is not the most representative, I admit, and it’s very idiosyncratic. It’s a combination of blogs I’ve been reading for years, blogs I return to for occasional […]