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Dave Banack is Beliefnet’s new Mormon blogger, and this week he’s launched a discussion series for a book titled How Wide the Divide: An Evangelical and a Mormon in Conversation. The book is 10 years old, but the subjects in […]

We’ve just published an essay written by the priest at the Anglican church I attend, Holy Trinity Anglican. It’s an Anglican Mission in the Americas church, which is part of the African-American conservative Anglican movement that is splitting from the […]

Surprise–it’s that we won’t keep them. Past performance suggests that at best, we’ll maintain our resolve for a little while at best, and call it success. I failed mine last year–I can’t even find the list I know I posted […]

A month or so ago I announced that I was looking for movies with Christian killers, and many of you helped out with titles that hadn’t occurred to me. I’ve since seen more religiously motivated violence on screen than I […]

Last Tuesday, I wrote that Haggard post, did some holiday volunteering, went home to wrap some presents, and somehow managed to stay offline for most of the next 5 days.  Which is to say: Christmas was splendid. Truly peaceful. I […]

Like Tony, I’d rather see the Ted Haggard story go away entirely. But it won’t, at least not yet, because Haggard feels he has more story to tell.  As Haggard’s former writer, I was called upon to comment or write […]

A personal post for a personal time of year:  Christmas memories hold for me–as I imagine they do for a host of others–a mixture of pleasure and pain.  Some of my sharpest Christmas memories are from the mid-1990s, when I […]

Brief but beautiful reflection from Scot McKnight today: Christmas, if it is faithful to the original vision, is to be an event of including those who have not previously been included. It is an event that expands God’s people to […]

Few blogs, or media of any kind, have been as arresting as the Boston Globe’s The Big Picture. Alan Taylor’s blog tells captivating stories, post after post. Its big pictures offer windows into the small places we never see.  His […]

All Beliefnet bloggers are offering their picks for the best books on religion in 2008. Here are my top 5: Surprised By Hope: Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection, and the Mission of the Church, by N.T. Wright I interviewed Wright about […]