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The most emailed article at the New York Times right now is about Ed Young of Fellowship Church in Texas and his much-discussed sermon series on sex. As part of the series, he challenged all the married couples in his […]

Mine is Bill Mallonee, whose painful story Nate Anderson tells beautifully in the latest issue of Christianity Today. When Paste Magazine came out with their list of the Top 100 singer-songwriters, I tore through the issue to see if Mallonee made it, and […]

Here’s the article I mentioned before. I wrote it right in the middle of an ill-fated week, partly because I was way past a deadline, and partly because I wanted to capture mourning in progress, rather than reflect on it […]

Here in the Dodd household, Thanksgiving starts tonight. My mom flies into Denver from Mississippi early this evening. My beloved sister, her brilliant husband, and their three kids come tomorrow, on my birthday. We’ll cook up a mess of fried […]

If Todoist–the staggeringly simple personal productivity tool–isn’t my #1 app of the year, it’s only because Scrivener took my dissertation off life support. (That it’s back on life support now is not Scrivener’s fault; it’s a user error). But Todoist […]

Pun intended. Starting today, two of our bloggers–Tony Jones and Rod Dreher–will begin a debate discussion Beliefnet Blogalogue on same sex marriage. They’ll post on their respective blogs and link back to one another.  Here’s what’s unique about this discussion, and […]

My undergraduate literary theory professor warped my brain, for better and worse. One item in the Worse category: He ruined my love of Roger Ebert. One dumb morning, Professor Grumpy (not his real name) worked up a full head of […]

For a variety of reasons, it’s been a distressing week. And it’s only Wednesday. And I didn’t sleep last night. Times like these, nothing to do but think about delightful things. Here are 7: 1. The new Life photo archive. […]

A tale of two ledes: Focus on the Family just announced a layoff of 20% of its workforce–big news here in Colorado Springs, where the ministry is one of the ten largest employers. Here’s how our daily paper, the Gazette, reported […]

Based on remarks President-elect Obama made to Cathleen Falsani four years ago (and recently reprinted on Beliefnet), there’s been a dustup over whether he can legitimately be said to be a Christian:  Joe Carter at Culture11 says no. Rod Dreher […]