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To the 11 of you who have discovered this blog so far: My launch timing could hardly have been worse. Posting has been and will continue to be light until October 9 because Beliefnet behind-the-scenes work is booming–with results you’ll […]

Sometimes the timing of these things is uncanny. I spent part of the weekend with my stomach in knots and my head in fits over the news about the economy. The macro-level questions about the near future of our national […]

Killing the Buddha was one of my favorite web discoveries in the years just after college–a site packed with essays on religion that combined pained skepticism with genuine desire for human renewal. There was often a real humility to the […]

Barry Ritholtz observes that one way to look at the current economics crisis is as a five-year hiccup in our approach to lending.  Over the entire history of human finance, the underlying premise of all credit transactions — loans, mortgages, […]

I admire Dick Staub a lot, and a few years ago had the pleasure of signing books in his company when we both had titles out from the same publisher and were joined in a conference booth. He’s hilarious and smart. […]

i should begin by writing lofty posts, but instead I’ll go with what’s most on my mind: “Mad Men.” I watched Sunday’s episode last night, and wanted to think about Rod Dreher’s question–Who is your favorite Mad Men character?–with a […]

The sidebar over yonder tells you all you need to know about the readiness of this here blog. I have not had time this week to get things up and running as they should be (and just think of all […]

One reason I love my church: We hardly ever do offertory hymns like this.

This is what it’d be like to use the “Post to MT” toolbar widget. Hmm.

Stay tuned for a series of tests. If, in your lonely middle of thenight Internet Wave Riding, you should happen across this blog, notabene that it is only a test. A sidebar is coming, complete with neatowidgets. Real posts are […]