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This is not something you will typically see on this blog.  I’m more interested in posting about my stated topics of traditional family values and stories of heroism, but I found this video so refreshing, I just had to post […]

There is so much sadness with the loss of our brave SEALS, pilots and soldiers on Saturday.  Yet, even in the midst of their pain, family members are speaking out about their faith. An article from CNN reporter Alan Duke […]

THIS IS AN EXCERPT FROM A POST I WROTE LAST YEAR ON MY OTHER BLOG.  THOUGHTS ON HEROISM…  Sometime, I know I may sound like I have a “Pollyanna-ish” view of the people who stand in the gap for us. […]

Randy Dalton was only 20 when his chopper crashed in Cambodia. In an article published by CBS St Louis, Metro-East resident John Minford observed:  “It’s one of the promises the military makes, dead or alive you will come home. And this one came home.” […]

July 12, 2011 “The soldier in uniform extended his prosthetic hand after losing his own in battle. And the commander in chief who sent him there reached out to clasp it. It was a sobering moment toward the end of […]

This story is a couple of years old, but my heart is always stirred when veterans from the Vietnam War are honored.  Regardless of your thoughts about the war at the time, I think most of us realize that the […]

Nobody says it better than the muppets A Muppet Salute

This weekend is a perfect opportunity to teach your children about our country’s birth and what America stands for. More and more these things are not taught in school or really even discussed anywhere.  Just go to a baseball game […]