Sweet Shore

Contrary to popular opinion, I have not died and gone to heaven.  I went to Hawaii (which is pretty close, I’ll admit).

Had a great visit with my mom, taking her to see all of her friends that she doesn’t see very often.  We visited a couple of hospitals and went to the homes of some shut-ins or near shut-ins and everyone was so happy to see her.

I actually spent 10 minutes at the beach this trip, watching the sunset.

Now it’s back to reality and the blessings of every day life.

I thought I’d share a different Christmas song with you every day between now and Christmas.  This one’s called “Joseph’s Lullaby” and it’s worth taking a couple of minutes to watch and listen to.

Since the Bible only mentions Joseph a few times, I think he’s often overlooked in terms of his importance, personality and spirituality.  Not only did God choose Mary to be the mother of his Son, he gave the job of raising Jesus to Joseph.  He must have been an extraordinary man.  I believe he loved Jesus with an unfailing love.  I believe he loved Mary with all his heart.  He was used of God for a miraculous purpose and he obeyed the calling on his life and was faithful to it.

We don’t know much about Jesus’ childhood, but we do know He was the son of a carpenter.  How many hours they must have spent together building, talking, playing.  Wouldn’t you have loved to hear just one of their conversations?  Maybe that’s something I’ll ask about when I get to heaven–

Enjoy the song…10 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!


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