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I was looking for special songs and found this one. Watch it and listen, and then, if you feel so inclined, read my thoughts that follow:

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This song makes me weep for all the children who will never see the light of day.  As the grandmother of a baby born too soon who was unable to survive, my heart breaks when I think of all the millions of unborn babies that have been slaughtered in the name of convenience.

It appears that the value of life in our society is only determined by how much the woman carrying the baby wants it.  A person can be tried for murder for killing the unborn baby of a pregnant woman, but we turn around and kill babies at the same gestational age and call it “abortion” and, since that child wasn’t wanted, it doesn’t matter.

A society that doesn’t value life soon deteriorates into a society that can no longer distinguish right from wrong.  To some, it may seem like I’m making a political statement, but I’m not; this goes beyond politics into the very heart of God.  Watch the video again and see the scripture verses that describe how God views us, even before we’re born.

When my granddaughter, Faith, was born, she was smaller than her mother’s hand, yet every detail of her body was perfect.  She was born at 19 1/2 weeks.  We allow babies to be aborted up until 6 months gestation, and sometimes even longer than that.

I don’t intend this to be a depressing post.  It is instead, a call to action.

All is not lost–there is much we can do:

Write to your congressmen and senators.  Whether or not they change the laws, at least we will have spoken out in defense of the defenseless.  Let them know that you do not approve the spending of your tax dollars to finance abortions or agencies that support abortion. You can find out who your representatives are at these links:

House of Representatives

Support local Christian crisis pregnancy centers. These are centers where women with unplanned pregnancies can go for free help, support, counseling and other services. Contact them and see how you can help. Make financial donations to help them further their important work. Here are links to some of the centers that are doing this important work:

Crisis Pregnancy Centers
Gateway Pregnancy Centers
New Horizons

And last, but definitely not least, PRAY.

PRAY for God’s direction in your life regarding this important moral issue. He will open doors where you can be of service.

PRAY for God’s forgiveness for us as a nation that too long has devalued the life of the unborn. Ask him to spare us His ultimate judgement.

PRAY for our leaders to have the wisdom of God as they serve the people of the United States.

PRAY for a revival where hearts once again turn toward God and people become aware of good and evil.

PRAY for your children.

TEACH them the value of every person.

THANK God for the blessings of each child’s life.


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