Sweet Shore

There is so much sadness with the loss of our brave SEALS, pilots and soldiers on Saturday.  Yet, even in the midst of their pain, family members are speaking out about their faith.

An article from CNN reporter Alan Duke says:

“One of the SEALS who was killed was Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn ‘wouldn’t want to leave this Earth any other way than how he did,’ his wife told CNN, a day after she learned her husband was one of 30 U.S. service members killed in a helicopter crash Saturday in Afghanistan.”

Kimberly Vaughn went on to say this about her husband:  “He loved his job. There was no way — even if you could tell him that this would have happened he would have done it anyway. All those men are like that. They’re selfless.”

The article continued:

“I want to tell the world that he was an amazing man, that he was a wonderful husband, and a fabulous father to two wonderful children,” she said. “He was a warrior for Christ and he was a warrior for our country and he wouldn’t want to leave this Earth any other way than how he did.”

Vaugn’s grandmother was also interviewed and she call him “a great American” who wanted to be a Navy SEAL ever since he was a boy.

“Geneva Carson Vaughn recalled one of the last conversations she had with him.

“I told him to be careful and he said, ‘Granny, don’t worry about me.’ He said ‘I’m not afraid because I know where I’m going if something happens to me.’ Aaron was a Christian and he stood firm in his faith,” she said, her voice heavy with emotion.

“He’s with the Lord now and I’ll see him again some day.”

This faith expressed so eloquently, comforts those of us who didn’t know Aaron Vaughn, but who share the assurance that he is at home with the Lord.

We offer our deepest condolences to his family and thank them for the ultimate sacrifice he made on our behalf.

Greater love has no man than this; that he lays down his life for his friends. (John 15:13)




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