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Thanks for all of your comments on my previous post…

So, let’s take the discussion about adultery a step further, shall we?

I’m really interested in finding out what people think…I’m not trying to sensationalize this at all.  What if a man engages in sexual activity (the “M” word) while watching internet pornography?  Does that constitute an unfaithful act if he is married?

If he’s not married, are there no boundaries as long as no physical contact with another person occurs?

I know that internet porn is a big joke to a lot of people–just watch a few sitcoms and see how many times it’s brought up as something everybody does and “what’s the big deal anyhow?”

Where exactly is the line to be drawn?  If we define adultery or sex outside of marriage as only occurring if there is an actual physically intimate act with another person, what exactly constitutes that “physical act?”

Can you passionately kiss a person you’re not married to and still be faithful to your spouse?

Is it only when intercourse actually occurs that adultery has happened?

I believe that the point Jesus was making is not that we never have a fleeting thought about sex or hating someone…I would agree that that is totally normal and something every human on the planet has on a daily basis.  What I do know, though, is that when a person habitually engages in and is consumed by thoughts about sexual activity outside of their marriage, it destroys relationships.  When this happens over time, there is both an emotional and physical disconnect in the marriage.

I actually believe that the internet provides a way for a person to be unfaithful to his or her vows without ever leaving the privacy of his/her own home or having physical contact with another human being.  It provides a way for a marriage partner to emotionally and physically leave the marriage. The damage done to marriages is often catastrophic.

I admit that my opinions are influenced by my faith and what I believe the Bible teaches about keeping oneself pure and undefiled by the world.  It’s increasingly more difficult to do these days with all sin being public and discussed openly and the apparent lack of shame in our society.

Any thoughts?


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