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Christian culture regards airplanes as excellent settings for evangelism.


Christian culture is historically known for leaving a gospel tract when they tip in restaurants.


Christian culture advocate Kirk Cameron aka Mike Seaver released a statement after his lovable compadre Andrew Koenig aka Boner passed away. “At a time like this, we are all reminded of the briefness of life and the importance of being ready for our eternal destination.”


American evangelicals exalt Tim Tebow. They can’t resist a player with Bible verses on his eyeblack.

Christian pastors want to be relevant and cool. Relevant, missional, emergent church plant pastors who are Acts 29 do this.

Christian culture is historically known for leaving a gospel tract when they tip in restaurants. Oftentimes they leave a tract along with actual money, but in severe cases they’ll leave only the tract.

Christian culture enjoys coffeehouse culture and likes to open coffeehouses as a way to minister to the populace by providing a place to convene. Sometimes this is described as “outreach” to the “community.” The Christian coffeehouse can first be identified […]

This means of proseletyzing is very popular within some segments of Christian culture. It is available in many forms: t-shirts, bumper stickers, buttons, mousepads, pencil holders, coffee mugs, keychains and innumerable other solid objects, including mints.

People in Christian culture surround themselves almost exclusively with other like-minded people. They do have some acquaintances who are non-Christians but these are not close friends. These acquaintances are most often neighbors, co-workers, and other people who aren’t easily avoided.

A drama team is a group at church that acts out sketches during the service as a form of worship. Churches that boast drama teams are usually of the large, warehouse, non-denominational variety.

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