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Christian culture is sure there’s a way to be cool and be a Christian at the same time. They just don’t know what that way is exactly.

Evangelical churches are big on customer service. The last thing they want to do is alienate certain demographics.

Churches that fancy themselves relevant, missional and/or emergent either already have an iPhone app or are working on one as we speak.

A current phenomenon in Christian culture is for church leaders to speak with a certain cadence and inflection.

“Camp out” is code for “this is going to take awhile.”

When his Ed Hardy hoodie is just too casual, the discerning gentleman opts for a screen printed dress shirt.

Oh, to be an emergent Christian on St. Patrick’s Day. You get to tweet and blog about the missional relevance of St. Patrick, and missional relevance is your favorite subject.

What more relevant way to encourage and shepherd your flock than via fan page? These are created either by members of their church or by the pastor himself masquerading as a member of the church.

The iPad has sparked widespread dismay but fortunately for Apple, Christian culture is unaffected. Christians who identify as emergent and/or relevant can’t wait to get an iPad of their very own.

Pastors who want to appear relevant dress with formulaic precision. They don’t want to be like the PC guy, they want to be like the Mac guy.