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For all this talk about purity, the gray areas are not discussed.

Evangelicals love Tim Tebow, so they love his mom by proxy. She’s like the evangelical Virgin Mary.

Christian culture does not feel that spanking is the same thing as hitting. They will defend it to their dying breath.

The ring is ideally given to a girl by her dad, but if he isn’t on the scene or is otherwise apathetic then she might get one herself or ask her mom for one, either because she really does want to make this commitment or possibly because the Jonas Brothers wear them. (Bristol Palin had one too.)

You never meet a Christian culture couple who says they don’t want to have any kids. This does not occur in nature.

Christian women love to scrapbook! They spend much of their free time away from their children doing this.

Studies show that homeschooling is preferred two to one amongst Christian culture families. They often cite a reason for homeschooling is a way to protect their kids from the world.