Stuff Christian Culture Likes

Christian culture sends many emails and Christmas cards that are written as if they are from a baby. This is considered funny and/or cute. Here is an example of an average message that a Christian culture baby would write:

Emma wants to tell you…that she’s going to be turning 1! She (and mommy and daddy) are praying for a healthy birthday and thanking the Lord for this brand new year in the life He created!

Emma (and mommy and daddy)

Now I’ll be buggered if 11-month-old Emma can

1. type
2. pray
3. anticipate a birthday

But Christian culture seems to find it so absurd that it is funny. This is a hallmark of membership.


If you see someone with a Day-Timer there is a 76% chance that they identify themselves as an evangelical Christian. Christian culture uses Day-Timer brand products to organize their schedules and the brand has become a sort of speakeasy among them. In them you are likely to find times of Bible studies, people witnessed to, copies of “Bridge of Life” tracts, and prayer lists. Day-Timers are often seen with men at McDonald’s or a donut shop who have their quiet times there on a daily basis. (‘Quiet times’ will be further discussed in a future post.)