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This is Jim. He could become a member of your church if you play your cards right.

Evangelical churches are big on customer service. The last thing they want to do is alienate certain demographics.

Who wants visit a boring-looking church with lame fonts and hymnals?

Wow, that book is essential? Do you have any documentation on that?

Evangelicals love Tim Tebow, so they love his mom by proxy. She’s like the evangelical Virgin Mary.

In an attempt at reverse psychology and perhaps to lure you with their hilarity, Christian culture signs things with Satan’s name to show you that, obviously, you should do the opposite of what Satan says.

Christian pastors want to be relevant and cool. Relevant, missional, emergent church plant pastors who are Acts 29 do this.

From these all-Christian platforms people can do what they did on Twitter and Facebook (tweet Bible verses, express dismay over political affronts to morality, and proclaim excitement for date night with their hot wives), but here their audience presents no opposing viewpoints which could rankle them and raise their blood pressure.

Not the book of Numbers, so much, but the number of people that your church attracts each week. Some churches crave big numbers as if they are a fledgling business. “Invite your friends!” “We’re considering the exciting possiblities for this […]

Churches are excited about Twitter. It’s what the kids are doing these days, so many churches have launched campaigns encouraging people to tweet during services. This might be the new version of being allowed to pass notes during class, except […]