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Not all Christian couples share a Facebook account, but the people who do tend to be Christians.

Men in Christian culture have a giant man-crush on Jack Bauer. He is the prototype of Christian culture’s ideal male, save for the profession of faith.

Christian culture isn’t exactly known for having good style but bless their hearts, they sure try.

Christian culture loves, LOVES Sarah Palin.

The ring is ideally given to a girl by her dad, but if he isn’t on the scene or is otherwise apathetic then she might get one herself or ask her mom for one, either because she really does want to make this commitment or possibly because the Jonas Brothers wear them. (Bristol Palin had one too.)

She’s a gal on the go who combines the perkiness and wholesomeness yet absence of vulnerability that Christian culture women admire, and her recipes are great for moms with a house full of kids (see #23) and a husband who doesn’t help out that much (per their defined roles).

You never meet a Christian culture couple who says they don’t want to have any kids. This does not occur in nature.

Churches need to attract people. They need to be cool. It seems they think the message of Christ’s grace is not enough on its own, it must be accompanied by worship music played to tracks, preachers who offer sermon series such as “The Pathway of Peace”, and services that last 58 minutes. (Other words in the relevant lexicon include “emergent,” “resurgent,”
“missional,” and “authentic.”)

Who does this? Well, a lot of Christians do. If you google it you’ll find blogs and message boards filled with accounts of people who are waiting for their wedding day to kiss someone, anyone, for the first time.

Christian women love to scrapbook! They spend much of their free time away from their children doing this.