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With the overturning of Proposition 8, Christian culture is certain the end times are upon us.

Carrie Prejean says that her statement on gay marriage cost her the Miss USA title and Christian culture seems to agree.

Mike Huckabee’s recent statements on gay marriage made many American evangelicals pleased. Because boy howdy, Christian culture does not like the idea of gay marriage. They really, really, really do not.

This is a popular saying with hazy meaning. Taken literally you might think God has abandoned his ancestral seat and is swanning about, but you infer from the context that can’t be what they mean.

It’s uncomfortable for Christian culture to entertain the idea that gay marriage might be anything other than flat-out wrong. People in Christian culture can’t seem to see themselves as being as sinful as they think gay people are.

Making same-sex marriage legal would mean Christians would have to relinquish some political and moral control and trust the issue to God. It is quite a conundrum for the Christian culture, indeed.

Christian culture members by and large identify themselves as Republicans. The importance of doing this seems to be on par with believing Jesus died on the cross for your sins.