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When his Ed Hardy hoodie is just too casual, the discerning gentleman opts for a screen printed dress shirt.

Pastors who want to appear relevant dress with formulaic precision. They don’t want to be like the PC guy, they want to be like the Mac guy.

Christian pastors want to be relevant and cool. Relevant, missional, emergent church plant pastors who are Acts 29 do this.

Christian women are on the fence about Oprah. Her touting of “The Secret” with its new age agenda rubs them entirely the wrong way. They also don’t appreciate her cohabitating with Stedman, her angling towards gay acceptance, suggesting there could […]

Christian culture isn’t exactly known for having good style but bless their hearts, they sure try.

This means of proseletyzing is very popular within some segments of Christian culture. It is available in many forms: t-shirts, bumper stickers, buttons, mousepads, pencil holders, coffee mugs, keychains and innumerable other solid objects, including mints.

You’d think they own stock in them.

Christian culture, gay men in rural communities, and NASCAR fans are the only demographics that continue to endorse this look.

Christian culture enjoys a catchy quip on a t-shirt or bumper sticker. These quips are intended to provoke and possibly shame their reader.

Very popular with the Christians. They’re wholesome, safe, and they go with everything.