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Carrie Prejean says that her statement on gay marriage cost her the Miss USA title and Christian culture seems to agree.

Christians love “Lost” like they love “24.”

Backsliding is a word used by Christians when people fall away from the faith. The adjective form is “backslidden,” the present participle is “backsliding,” and if you want to sound southern the past participle is “backslid.”

Men in Christian culture have a giant man-crush on Jack Bauer. He is the prototype of Christian culture’s ideal male, save for the profession of faith.

Now you can air any grievances about the blog layout and stuff.

Christian women are on the fence about Oprah. Her touting of “The Secret” with its new age agenda rubs them entirely the wrong way. They also don’t appreciate her cohabitating with Stedman, her angling towards gay acceptance, suggesting there could […]

Christian culture isn’t able to reconcile violence and beauty very well when it comes to stories and allegories outside of the Bible. But judging from the use of symbols and sacraments in the Bible it would seem that God loves symbolism.

There comes a time in every young evangelical’s life when he must roll up his sleeves, raise the black flag, and commence destroying his secular music.

Christian culture has a tenuous relationship with movies. Even PG movies have no shortage of cursing, violence and innuendo, and it’s hard to appreciate the movie as a whole with all that thrown in.

Men in Christian culture often have giant man-crushes on Bono. Pastors who wish to be emergent/relevant sometimes quote him in sermons and work in a U2 lyric mention when they can.