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Oh, to be an emergent Christian on St. Patrick’s Day. You get to tweet and blog about the missional relevance of St. Patrick, and missional relevance is your favorite subject.

Very popular with singles groups and college ministries. People who aren’t Christians love Cheesy Christmas Sweater Parties too. Maybe it’s one of the areas where the two cultures intersect. Although at a Christian culture party there won’t be any alcohol, that’s for dang sure.

People in Christian culture surround themselves almost exclusively with other like-minded people. They do have some acquaintances who are non-Christians but these are not close friends. These acquaintances are most often neighbors, co-workers, and other people who aren’t easily avoided.

It is not entirely clear why smoking is so taboo in Christian culture. On one hand, Christians hold the belief that your body is the temple of God and you should not defile the temple with something unhealthy. On the other hand, Christian culture members are not known for their cardiovascular fitness.